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Beans and Barley Review

This morning I had company flying in to Milwaukee. As soon as they touched down at General Mitchell Airport, they knew where we should eat: Beans and Barley. My guests are from Florida and Rhode Island, and every time they fly out, they have to go to Beans because it is their favorite restaurant in Milwaukee. It is a great spot to have a meal, and it is also friendly to vegan and vegetarian customers. They use a wide range of fresh ingredients, and also house a mini-grocery store filled with food, drinks, and crafts. Beans and Barley has a different menu for every meal of the day, and there are specials each day as well. Today, we had the lunch menu. I decided to have the grilled chicken sandwich and a cup of corn chowder, because we all know how much I love sandwiches.

The soup came out first. Originally, I was skeptical because it had a much whiter and creamier base than I am usually used to in corn chowder. Despite this, I was not disappointed. The creaminess of the soup was very comforting, and the sweet corn kernels really lightened up each bite. It also had a good kick of spice that I was hoping for, but wasn’t expecting because of the lack of diced peppers. Along with the soup came a soft roll, which was slightly sweet and helped make the dish even heartier.

The grilled chicken sandwich was set before me and it surprised me. Usually, Beans and Barley has smaller portion sizes, but this was a colossal meal. The grilled chicken was sliced and laid on a fresh pretzel bun, and decorated with lettuce, tomato, scallions and a chipotle aioli. Most of the time, I like raw red onions on my sandwiches, but the scallions were a perfect amount of kick and weren’t overpowered by the aioli. The aioli, in my opinion, was the shining star of the sandwich. There wasn’t very much of it, but it had a very robust flavor. It was sweet and spicy, which was the perfect flavor combination for the sandwich. My meal also came with a pickle spear and some potato chips.

All in all, my meal was not too expensive. The soup was $3.50 for a cup, and the sandwich was $8.00. Beans and Barley gave me a fresh and affordable meal, as well as a fun and friendly shopping experience. I will definitely go back again.


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