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The Garage Review

Last night, a friend and I went out for appetizers and drinks on Brady Street. We decided to go to The Garage. The Garage is the literal garage of the Hi Hat, turned into an extension of the already existing bar.

Now, this wasn’t my first time at The Garage, but it was my first time having food there. Because we were in an establishment dedicated to alcohol, I started off with a gin and tonic, which I knew would be good from my previous experiences. We talked to the bartender and asked what the best appetizers were, and he suggested the Art Dip.



The Art Dip is a spinach and artichoke dip, loaded with cheese. It came out from the kitchen hot and gooey, and smelled fantastic. The dish was supposed to come with some garlic crostini, but we were served a small loaf of bread. The dip was creamy and salty, with good chunks of spinach and artichoke. There were a couple of things that could have made this dish better, one being the presence of crostini. The dip needed a crunchier counterpart, because the lack of a side with a crisper texture gave everything a kind of squishy feel. The second thing would be a better ratio of dip to bread. When we finished the loaf of bread, we still had over half of the dip still left in the crock, which felt like a waste. In spite of these things, the dip was still very flavorful and was made very well.

We also decided to try a more traditional bar food: fries. We ordered the Oilcan Fries, which were served to us on a big plate, sky-high with toppings. The base of the dish was a bed of seasoned waffle fries, which were crisp, and perfectly soft in the middle. On top of that was a layer of smoky pulled pork. I was pleasantly surprised with the pork, because it was still juicy and tender, but didn’t leak any juice that would make the fries soggy. There was then a layer of provolone cheese, charred onion, a fried egg, and a drizzle of horseradish sauce. The provolone cheese wasn’t dispersed very well, and ended up creating big gluey blob in the middle of the plate that we couldn’t break apart with the fries alone. The cheese did add another good component of saltiness to the dish, but I wouldn’t have been upset if it wasn’t there in the first place. I had no complaints about the onions or the horseradish sauce, but the egg was a different story. I thought the fried egg would be the perfect addition to the fries, and I couldn’t wait to break the yolk and have delicious golden goodness on every bite, but the way this egg was cooked was borderline sinful. It was cooked over-hard, and whatever yolk had existed was cooked into a chewy thick paste. It was like the consistency of play dough, and the white of the egg was not much better. It was rubbery and hard to cut through with a fork. Needless to say, I was disappointed. There were many components of this dish that worked, and the overall taste was really good, but the cheese and egg both left me wanting something more.

As for the price, it wasn’t the cheapest meal, but it didn’t break the bank either. My drink was $5.00, the dip $7.00 and the fries were $9.00. I have been told that the burgers at The Garage are very good, so I will probably give them a chance to redeem themselves some other time.


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