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The Ruckus Review

It’s time I reviewed what “all the ruckus” is about. The Ruckus is a new burger shop, owned by Collectivo. They specialize in burgers, fries, sundaes (or ‘saturdaes’ as they call them) and churros. The Ruckus prides itself on using fresh and local ingredients, and the walls boast signage showing where they get their ingredients. They have about six different kinds of burgers, but you can also specify each one to your own personal preference. I decided to get the Rizo, which is $6.50, without any add-ons.

The Rizo comes with a beef and pork chorizo patty, red cabbage slaw, lettuce, tomato, salsa and house sauce, all topped with a sesame seed bun. The patty was cooked medium rare, which in my opinion, is the best way to order a burger. The patty was juicy with crispy edges, and slightly spicy from the chorizo. Atop the patty was the slaw, which was crunchy and sour. It wasn’t over pickled and added a kick of freshness to the burger. The only downfall to the slaw was that the juice soaked into the bun and made it soggy, but at least it was a tasty sogginess. The tomato and lettuce were fresh, which is always a bonus. The house sauce was kind of like a paprika mayonnaise, which helped add a creamy element, because the burger didn’t come with cheese. I couldn’t really identify the salsa in the burger, but it did have the heat that I was looking for.

The fries were $3.00, which was a deal for how many they give you. They are made from thick cut Yukon gold potatoes, and have remnants of crispy skin as well. The fries are lightly salted, and pair very well with the burger.

The Ruckus offers a vegetarian black bean burger and chicken options as well, and I will definitely be back to try those soon.


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